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What if I wanted to be a princess??

I love Disney,  I always have and I even cried the first time I went to Disney Land even though I was already an adult. Some years ago I started to read all over the internet that loving Disney (specially the Disney princesses) and being an independent, intelligent woman were two things that were not supposed to go together, and some times that made me feel some how bad about my self because according to a lot of people, Disney princesses are weak, they always depend on men, their only mission during the movies is being  rescued and the girls who watch this kind of movies end up being real life useless women who are always waiting for their prince.

Last Saturday while I was watching Cinderella it hit me: I would love to be like one of these many princesses and not because i´d like to marry some man I´ve seen twice in my life, not because I think I need any one to rescue me or because I hope a magic spell will make my life perfect, but because these characters in these movies are always good people and no matter what happens they stay true to who they are and they do not allow bad circumstances to turn them into bad people. They always fight for what they really want and in these stories is not the prince who gets all the job done. Lets see:

-Cinderella wanted to go to the ball, and their friends (yes I know they were animals) play a main roll for this to happen.Also all by herself she had to find the courage to go against the people who were making her feel miserable. (I really dont think that relaying on friends and fighting against what hurts you, are bad messages)

– Snow White had to face her fears to actually find how to survive in a forest all by herself and it wasn’t the prince but the dwarfs who actually helped her in the first place. (Keep trying even if you feel alone and some how life will give you a way out, a good message as far as I know)

-Ariel challenged her entire royal family to get what she wanted (by all the wrong means as we all humans love to do when we are desperate) even if it was not politicly correct and she ended up getting what she wanted after she realized she was terribly wrong and her family helped her even when she had really screwed up. (Your family will support you know matter what, again a good message I think)

I do think that in every Disney movie there´s a much stronger message than go get some rich guy to solve all your problems. I think what they are trying to say is dreams are possible and you have to find a force that moves you so much that you will get you to find a way to make your dream come true no matter what, but always with some help in the way. If the force that moves these princesses is love, well, you can expect magic things to happen because there´s no greater force in the world than love; love to some one, to your work, to dance, to whatever you wanna make it, if it´s a dream is love that will make it come true.

So… I will always love Disney, I have a dream and to make it possible I will try to follow the advise that her mother gave to Cinderella: have courage and be kind.


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